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Rasola Basmati Rice is the leading exporters of premium quality Basmati Rice.

Why Basmati Best Rice

Before mentioning about the qualities of Basmati rice, it is necessary to discuss about the meaning of this word. Basmati rice was acclaimed in India since early days of the 19th century, but at that time it was named with some other name. “BAS” in Hindi refers to “aroma” where as “mati” resemble “full of”, so the basmati denotes to full of aroma.

This variety of rice is differentiated with other varieties due to characteristics of aroma and elongation of the rice after cooking. No other variety of rice can match these characteristics. The elongation of the rice is twice the original length after cooking. Mouthwatering taste and rich aroma is found no where in any other rice. The outstanding delicacy of basmati rice make distinct from other varieties.

Rasola is a prominent name as rice export from India. We ensure that clients’ expectations are properly met when it is about the genuine Basmati rice from India. To brief our clients with the characteristics of this variety of rice with other, than:

• Color of this Basmati is creamy white and translucent.
• Brown Basmati is also available
• The Grain is can vary between 6.61 mm – 7.5 mm
• Texture is dry firm, separate, non sticky and tender.
• Expands twice the original length and do not fatten much post cooking.
• Most outstanding feature is aroma, which is distinctive and arises from 100 compounds.
• Flavor and texture complements curries, as the rice is drier rice and the grains stay separate.

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